10 Things to Avoid When Buying a New Bike

Most people think that buying a new bicycle is something easy but it’s not. It does not involve just going to the market or shop and picking a bicycle that you see is good for you but it involves a process if you want to get the best bike.  First of all, there are some people who don’t understand how cycling of a bicycle is done because they have trained on that and if you are one of them then ensure that you go with your friend to shop and not you alone. Here are 10 things to avoid when buying a new bike:view here!

Never buy if you have not done a test ride

Taking a bicycle for a test pin is the only way in which you can know if the bicycle fits you.  It is not for you to buy a bicycle without testing it because it will give you stress and in fact you may not ride it for a long time by it cannot be enjoyable to ride and therefore ensure you buy the right bicycle.

Testing a bicycle at a shop and buying it online is not recommended

It is important to buy the bicycle that you have already tested and that you see is fit for you. It’s not in order if you go to a shop and pretend that you are buying a bicycle and then bombard the salespeople there and end up not buying one. Then you use the knowledge you have gotten from that shop and buy a new one online.

Don’t just ride one bicycle

Nowadays there are several new bicycles trickling in markets and shops and therefore when you have gone to buy one ensure that you ride many so that you can find the best that will be easy for you to ride

Don’t visit only one shop

Why do you think it is advisable for you to visit as many shops as possible? So that you can know all the types of bicycles sold in those shops and be able to know the prices of each one of them.

Avoid being reluctant in order to engage the salesperson

Despite the fact that there are sources of information from the internet that talk about bikes, it does not mean that when you go to the shop you know everything. Most of the sources of information from the internet are false and do not rely on them so much.

If you get a bike that doesn’t align with your goals don’t buy it

Before you go to shop for a bike you must have some features that you want your bike to have and if you find one that doesn’t have them don’t buy it. For example if you want to buy a bicycle that has riding gloves, helmet mirrors and compression socks.

Never should you skin the accessories

All types of bicycles come with accessories like the riding gloves and there are some of the things that you should not leave behind because they are very important when riding a bicycle.

You should never walk out of the shop after paying for the bike

This is very important because if you get out of the shop there are some accessories or some parts that may be changed.

Ask for discounts

When you have to buy a bike do not forget that you should bargain and in fact ask for a discount. Consider buying a bike in those that offer discounts and avoid those that doesn’t offer.

Don’t skimp if you need a proper fit

When you have gone to shop for a bike and you have gotten a bike that suits your size, you may make an appointment with a professional fitter to fix it for you.



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