Sports Tape

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Sports Tape

Lately, there have been many athletes seen on TV with colored bandages; odds are this has caught your attention. It seems a novelty, but the fact is that this type of dressing was invented long ago and is the neuromuscular or Kinesiotaping called sports tape. The bases of the treatment were created in the 70’s in Asia, specifically in Korea and Japan. It was not until the 90’s when Alfred Nijhuis Dutchman introduced it in Europe.
In Spain, one of the first to test the benefits of sports tape was Marino Lejarreta in the world Utsonomiya, Japan. Truth is that maybe you haven’t heard of them until this summer. If you have a sore neck then you can go for sports tape with colored ribbons. At first I was a little surprised but the truth is that my pain significantly improved only with tape. You can find infinite types of sports tape! It is up to you.


There are 4 basic colors to work with sports tape: pink, black, blue and beige, each more specific for each type of pain. The dressing is flexible, has a stretch of 140-160% in the transverse direction, so that the therapist will have to play with that tension as a function of treatment desired.
When it comes to sports, the hockey tape and baseball tape are placed in the muscle insertion origin or vice versa. If the place of origin to insertion, we will be toning specific muscle and if we do relax insertion to origin. The main advantage of these dressings is that they set very well to the skin so it can take 4 to 6 days even bathe with them.

For their part, have two sports tape application techniques:

Technical-no stretch: In this case we apply the bandage without stretching, as is placing on the skin. For this technique that stretch before putting the bandage on the skin, either with hands or making the gesture with the articulation needed for the skin to the area to try to stretch. Once inside the band relax the joint and the dressing will tend to “pucker.” With this technique we raise the skin of the muscles, improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation.Sports Tape
Stretching Technique: In this case try to joints or ligaments. When the band we will apply the appropriate voltage (depends on the injury) so that when making the gesture with the contraction of the joint tape to help reinforce their action movement

There are five fundamental effects of this sports tape in the body:

The treatment can be used for various injuries, from small stiff neck, low back pain to large, breakage of fibers, tendinitis, among others. Most of the times, it is applied by a professional trained in these therapies. Many sports tapes can be found online so start looking now! You will be highly satisfied with the results of sports tape. Apart of being natural it is effective!

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